The Unknown Citizens

by Grorr

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Jeremy Like with their album Anthill, Grorr makes a theme come to life, interesting themes too. More industrial (but still including their ethnic instruments), fitting in great with the theme of people in an old, lost industrial civilization of cold steel. You can feel the emotions/atmosphere and story paired with each of the three concepts in this album. Favorite track: The Dreamer - A New Circle.
Jon Eric Mugford
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Jon Eric Mugford there's no other place id rather support you guys. aside from going to a show and handing you the money directly. great work guys. Favorite track: The Dreamer - Unique.
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GeN2Mo Dark mathy Industrial Metal that utilises the sonic qualities of its style to evoke an industrial atmosphere. Dehumaized cold calculation, hammering machinery, towering buildings of twisted pipes and rusted scaffolding, sky darkened by coal dust. A faint overburdened human element screaming emotions through the noise. This landscape is not pretty but it is intense and will get under your skin if you let it. A brilliant concept album. Favorite track: The Worker - You Know You’re Trapped....


Based on the poem by W.H. Auden, « the unknown citizens » relates the fates of three ordinary citizens. Auden writes « Were they free? Were they happy? The question is absurd; if something was wrong, we would have known for sure ». The album takes a closer look at that question.
Once again through this three-part work, Grorr writes a new social fable that deals with common people forgotten by history. This new album tells the story of three different lives imprinted with three different atmospheres. Grorr announces a darker opus but at the same time more melodic and well handled.


released November 14, 2014


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ViciSolum Records Stockholm, Sweden

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